International Alliance Of Martial Arts Schools is an online networking and member support system driven by the co-operation of Martial Arts schools worldwide.

The IAOMAS network allows all martial artists in participating schools to continue to train wherever and whenever they travel. Simply, IAOMAS has an online directory of schools that have agreed to allow any martial artist from another participating school FREE training for up to two weeks should they visit their particular area. Should the visiting martial artist be staying longer, they can negotiate directly with the school they are visiting.

A lineup of International IAOMAS Instructors at Rayners Lane Circa 2006

A lineup of European IAOMAS Instructors welcome Founding Member Tim Posynick from Canada at Rayners Lane, England Circa 2006

This one-of-a-kind opportunity is rendered through the generosity of participating host schools who are confident in themselves and open to sharing their experience. These participating schools support our mission and benefit from the ideals which IAOMAS represents.

IAOMAS Host schools JDK in Australia helps fellow school promote upcoming event circa 2004

IAOMAS Host School JDK in Australia helps fellow school promote upcoming Women in Martial Arts event circa 2004

IAOMAS is NON-POLITICAL and MULTI-STYLE. Our objectives are to improve the value each school offers to their students. We are open-minded and like to adopt a ‘sharing’ mentality in the practice of martial arts. IAOMAS really is about creating a worldwide community that’s welcoming to ideas, to friendship, to diversity, and to the recognition that we all share a passion for the martial arts.

Clubs who join and whose members belong to the IAOMAS are those that are student-centric, are confident in the value they offer, and are those which understand the benefits of allowing students to explore opportunities and experiences beyond that which they initially signed up for.

Founding Member Dave Melton, then Membership Officer Tim White, and Founder Stuart Anslow circa 2005 - posing outside The White House

Founding Member Dave Melton, then Website Liaison Officer Tim White, and Founder Stuart Anslow circa 2005 – posing outside The White House

Anyone can get involved. Everyone should get involved! Joining IAOMAS is free. Once you’ve satisfied our requirements, you will need to Register on this website, and then Submit a Listing at the Directory page. For more information on this process, please see our Join page.

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