It is a statement by itself when a club joins the IAOMAS network.

There are many martial arts schools which are not interested in pursuing cross-training, let alone look out for international student benefits. This is not an indication of a lack of quality, but one of a closed organizational mentality. Clubs which belong to IAOMAS are those which are student-centric, and which understand the benefits of allowing students to explore opportunities beyond that which you get from your primary training hall.

We extend our appreciation and admiration to the instructors at member schools. Joining the IAOMAS is a credit to their confidence, their belief in quality, and their open-mindedness. IAOMAS is about promoting a sharing mindset; the truth is that there are many instructors in this industry who are not ready to make themselves transparent to other schools or other students. This is not so with most IAOMAS members. We hope you can recognise this and extend the right appreciation to each member school you come across which makes this worldwide support system possible.

If you have joined a school that is affiliated with the IAOMAS, this affiliation allows members of that school to:

  • Train for free (for up to two weeks) when travelling to any IAOMAS-affiliated member schools worldwide.
  • Cross train with other member schools from different martial disciplines.
  • Access an international online network with members and associates who are ready to share their experiences, knowledge, and friendship with you in a non-hostile and open-minded social media platform.
  • Have the opportunity to meet visiting instructors from the IAOMAS network.
  • Meet instructors who seek to share, discuss issues, and learn from other instructors in order to improve their offering and their schools.
  • Enjoy regional (or online) IAOMAS events with like-minded people.

IAOMAS is sold through our members. Beyond the list of benefits above, just spend a short time with us and you’ll notice that IAOMAS members are down-to-earth, friendly, thinking, and humble. Why is our forum alive with so much positive energy? How is it that we see friendships forming through an online martial arts group? How did this grow so quickly? These are all things that you will soon find out.