What is IAOMAS?
IAOMAS simply is a list of schools worldwide that agree to allow any guest member from out-of-state or from another country FREE training for at least two weeks should they visit that area. Should the visiting practitioner be staying in that area longer, they can negotiate further with the instructor. 

  • It goes without saying that member organizations should treat visiting students with respect and extend the best duty of care as possible – no matter the style of the visiting practitioner. To do this you need to prepare for and allow visiting practitioners to enjoy your facilities for up to two weeks.
  • Members who choose to take advantage of our directory and visit participating schools should follow local school rules and their code of conduct at all times. You represent your own school – any infraction on your part may cause your school to lose their membership in IAOMAS.

Who runs IAOMAS?
IAOMAS is managed by a team of unpaid volunteers. At the moment, the 2013/2014 Committee resides in Western Australia. This Committee coordinates between the Founding Members, and a Country and Regional Management team which helps IAOMAS reach out to Host Schools and Individual Members.

If you have spare time, or if you have a skill or resource you’d care to share, please contribute back to the IAOMAS. A little goes a long way. Good things have a way of coming back to you!

How much is it to join IAOMAS?
Membership is free. When you Submit a Listing on our Directory, your information will be available for one year from the time of submission. Our system will prompt you by email to re-Submit your information after which time to remain current on our Directory.

Do I need to leave my current association or modify my curriculum to join IAOMAS?
You don’t have to do anything like that to enjoy IAOMAS! IAOMAS will NEVER make you compromise your existing relationships or loyalty.

One prerequisite of joining is to own a website. What if I don’t have a website?
If you are joining as a Member Organisation and if you don’t have a website at the moment, you may create a FaceBook Page (this is not the same as your personal profile see Coordinator Colin Wee’s JDK page as an example) and in your About Profile, under General Information, you may tack on the following line (or similar): ‘YourSchoolName is a member of the International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools – a member support system. For more information on the benefits you may receive by us being linked to this alliance partnership, please visit IAOMAS at www.iaomas.com.’ Just note that when you submit your school information into our directory, you must list this FaceBook URL – so that we know where to look for the IAOMAS reference.

Why do I need to add the IAOMAS logo to my website?
It is a prerequisite for Member Organisations to place our logo in a prominent location on your website. The IAOMAS brand is solid and respected, and member benefits should be advertised to new members. You may use the following code to do so:

<a href="http://www.iaomas.com"><img src="http://iaomas.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/logo_iaomas_button.gif"></a>

Why are there other IAOMAS Directory Pages on the Internet?
When IAOMAS started, the technology didn’t allow us to easily create and automate a directory for members. Thus we manually administered and maintained Country Pages through volunteers all over the world. Many of those early entries may be dated. Our current directory makes it much easier to keep listings current as each submission is valid for 365 days.

How do you vet your members? How do you deal with frauds? I don’t want to be associated with people who earn their rank through cheating or paying for them through certificate mills.
Respectfully, you will find a range of undesirable unethical people in any corner of the world. As you are no doubt familiar, there are those in the martial arts industry who earn dan rank from ‘certificate mills,’ who collect and flaunt all manner of rank or title, and who surround themselves with pomp and circumstance in order to enjoy a sort of make believe world. It is not our intention to welcome such individuals to our organisation. It is not our intention to make IAOMAS into a magnet for such ‘pomp and circumstance.’

Yes, we vet our members and also take subtle steps to filter out undesirable individuals in the joining process. However, nothing we do in this regard can be foolproof.

What I would like to pose to you is this – say a person who has joined does not know any better. He is what he is because he has been led to believe what he does is correct. He enters IAOMAS, and encounters other members. What would you do in such a circumstance? Would you light the way for him? Would you share your passion and the best of your art? Would you show him a path that is better than what he is on?

This is what I am asking of all IAOMAS members – to be the bigger person, and to be confident in your own abilities. There are many schools out there that do not know better. They are the ones who would benefit from our example.

HOWEVER, if ever you do encounter a person with a shaky moral or ethical compass OR if another member is behaving in a disrespectful or shameful manner, report in with us IMMEDIATELY so that we may take action on their membership status directly.

We have no problems in deleting a member off our directory.

We also have no problem in deleting you off our directory if ever we find you are attempting to use IAOMAS to persecute another member or potential member in a politically-motivated personal vendetta.

I have just joined as a ‘Member Individual’, what next?

  • To gain the most benefit from our organisation, you might think of planning some yearly online or offline social events with fellow IAOMAS member individuals that reside in your vicinity. Individuals may promote these events through social media or through our email lists if your event matches events we support. At the time of joining, please also make sure to visit the IAOMAS member organisations in your locale and like them on FaceBook, where possible.
  • Yes, individuals can also use the IAOMAS Directory when travelling and enjoy free training for up to two weeks at participating member schools. We suggest you always make contact with our member organisations before your trip. IAOMAS does not prequalify Member Organisations, so it is up to you to establish if the ‘fit’ is correct for your needs – and if you have to arrange insurance cover if required. Don’t forget to bring a memento or souvenir for the school you’re visiting.
  • Please note IAOMAS was not created so that individuals can train free at local schools in the vicinity. Please do not abuse this service.

I have just joined as a ‘Member Organisation’, what next?

  • After filling in the joining form, you may choose to integrate some of the IAOMAS member benefits information into your website. We recommend that you make an appropriate announcement to your instructors and student members, and encourage participation at our online forum. To gain the most benefit from our organisation, you might think of planning some yearly online or offline events with fellow IAOMAS member schools.
  • To prepare for those inbound traveling guests who might visit your training facility, you might like to choose an informal liaison as appropriate from your senior student or instructor body. This ensures that your guest(s) understands your training environment and enjoys the experience of cross training with you.
  • Ideally, you might like to set up a small section on your website for guests who might come from a very different martial arts background. Hint: those schools that benefit from the IAOMAS are those schools that have a plan of how both the school and the travelling martial student benefit from their interchange.
  • For those schools who have students intending to visit other IAOMAS schools worldwide on their travels, you (or the travelling student) may want to drop a courtesy email to the country or school being visited. IAOMAS does not prequalify Member Organisations, so it is up to you to understand if the ‘fit’ is correct for your needs – and if you have to arrange insurance cover if required. Your outbound traveling members may also wish to bring a small but appropriate souvenir that may help strengthen the worldwide IAOMAS network.

What disqualifies a member or may result in a termination of your membership. (This list subject to change without notice)

  • If you abuse the directory and spam members with unsolicited emails.
  • If you use IAOMAS to promote your own external organisation without express permission from the Coordinator’s office.
  • If you or your students visit an external member’s school and behave in a manner not befitting our ethical standards.
  • If you have been found out to have used or to promote a certificate mill as a way to award yourself or others with a dan grade.
  • For more information, please request a copy of our Member Conduct policy.

How do I make a complaint?

  • While all effort has been taken to create an online networking system for members to benefit from, misunderstanding might still occur, and this might result in friction between one or more parties.
  • IAOMAS is committed to handling complaints in a non-biased manner to reach an acceptable conclusion to a dispute.
  • If you are not able to resolve your dispute with given resources and would like to make a complaint, please email your issue including as many details as possible to complaints (at) iaomas.com.
  • All complaints will be handled confidentially.
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