Volunteers Needed

Regional Facilitator

The Regional Facilitator role is the front face of IAOMAS worldwide. Regional Facilitators would be involved in Recruitment, Networking, and Value Creation. ‘Recruitment’ is to convert individuals and host schools to be listed IAOMAS members. ‘Networking’ is to help current members communicate and develop ties with other members. ‘Value Creation’ is to help develop content and other services for all members. Regional Facilitators are to develop a schedule in order to gauge progress through the year in coordination with Coordinator. To succeed in this role, Regional Facilitators will need to be self directed, and have good interpersonal communication and networking skills. They will need to be able to recognise that the network can help them accomplish their own goals as well as create value for other members on that same network. Regional Facilitators manage upwards and collaborate with the organisation in order to get better support and to improve the entire organisation. A person in this role should be able to achieve full competence in this role in 6 months or more, and will get an intimate understanding of the ‘lay of the land’ for the martial arts instructor in their locale. At the end of their tenure, the person may be qualified for positions such as Country Manager, IAOMAS Coordination Team, or IAOMAS Coordinator.

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