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The Old Men of IAOMAS

Stuart Anslow
Tim Posynick
Dave Melton
Glen Doecke


The Coordinating Team 2013/14



Colin Wee

Colin Wee (6th Dan) started training in an eclectic style out of South East Asia in 1983 where he got his first black belt. Attending university in the United States however started his journey in American Karate, or as it should more accurately be termed, ‘Traditional Taekwondo.’ He is currently Chief Instructor of Joong Do Kwan, a small school operating in Western Australia. Colin is affiliated to American Karate and Taekwondo Organization, Molum Combat Arts Association, and IAOMAS. Colin has had a career as an IT/E-commerce enabler for small business over the last 18 years. He is an avid cook, has put his fishing hobby on hold, and is deeply devoted to his wife and two children. Colin has been involved in IAOMAS since 2003.



Dragan Malesic

Dragan Malesic (2nd Dan) is an instructor at Bujinkan Shinobu Dojo Australia located in Western Australia, has been a military self defence and security trainer and assessor for the last three years, and is the anti-bully training manager for SuperParents Pty Ltd. Dragan has a national management role in a publicly listed IT company and has been in the IT industry for close to 20 years. Dragan is a passionate life coach, and loves diving, camping, and most recently, single malts. And coffee. Lots of coffee.



Website Administration

Barry O’Mahony, Warrior Martial Arts, Co. Cork, Ireland.
Colin Wee, JDK. Perth, W. Australia


Country and Regional Management Team

Country Manager

Australia (SA) – Glen Doecke
USA (Indiana) – Tim White
Regional Facilitators
Africa (Mutare) – Stewart Makuvise
Australia (WA) – Phil McCormack
USA (Arizona) – Allessandro Ashanti Bovoso
USA (Florida) – Justin Och
USA (New York) – Mark Weaver
USA (Oregon) – Jesse Conley
South Africa (Johannesburg) – Ryan Jamieson

While tokens of appreciation are welcome, to avoid the embarrassment of rejection please avoid offering martial arts certificates or promotions to our volunteers in conjunction with their work in IAOMAS, and especially so during their tenure as volunteers in our organisation.

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