September 13 2014 National Australian Conference

The complete line up of instructors for the IAOMAS Conference Sept 13th 2014

The complete line up of instructors for the IAOMAS Conference Sept 13th 2014

Your Western Australian IAOMAS Committee is proud to bring this international online martial arts organisation and the true spirit of friendship right to your doorstep!

ticket-buttonDate: September 13, 2014
Time: 10:30am to 5:00pm
Venue: Perth, Western Australia

Held in a leafy suburb only 10 minutes away from the CBD, this full day event will feature no less than five senior high-profile instructors leading practical training sessions for all participants, presentations on sports medicine and nutrition, and exciting martial arts demos.

Since its inception, IAOMAS has had huge success bringing schools together through multi-style conference and other social events. This event held here in Perth would be the first inaugural National event to coincide with the relaunch of IAOMAS worldwide.

Come rub shoulders with the martial arts personalities of Perth, student practitioners, industry personnel, and other hobbyists.

Participants should come prepared for a variety of training – bring your towel (if necessary), training weapons (as appropriate), strike pads or other equipment as needed, your camera – if you’re so inclined, and of course mouth guards and other protective gear.

Looking forward to it. Awesome opportunity to learn and share. Andrew Hickey, I.C.C.A.

If you are a company or school which might offer training, retail/business services or product to the martial artists who attend our event, we invite you to make available your marketing collateral or various sales documents at the event – just check in your document with organisers before hand. These will be placed on a brochure table so participants can peruse your literature.

Please understand that there are only a limited number of places for seminar instructors. If you are an instructor and have not been invited, please do not be offended. Trying to schedule all the talent we have in 5 slots has been the biggest challenge so far. Irrespective of your involvement, please accept our invitation to share news of your school and your events at our brochure table – just check in your document with organisers before hand.

The IAOMAS event will be heavily marketed until the date of the seminar. We are establishing our marketing campaign through social media, word-of-mouth, email broadcasts, and through various pre-event awareness sessions coordinated by our associate IAOMAS Instructors. From the beginning of August to the Go Live date:

  • sponsor information will accompany all relevant social media updates
  • sponsor logos will be featured on this page

On the day of the event:

  • sponsors will be highlighted at the opening and closing speeches
  • sponsor information will be handed to all participants

If you would like to sponsor this event, please contact us directly to discuss the terms of sponsorship.

A big thank you to the following sponsors:

No Egos Martial Arts

Terry Bridgeman of Bridgeman Savate

Lunch Included
A light lunch and refreshments will be provided, and is included with the cost of the ticket price. No alcohol to be served or consumed at this event venue. Please leave glass containers at home.

A limited number of Early bird tickets are available from mid March to end April. Instructor tickets are available from mid March to the conference date. For ticket information, go to IAOMAS EventBrite Page. Or click on:

IAOMAS is a member support and networking organisation. We expect all to be on their best behaviour during this event. Organisers reserve the right to deny entry or evict anyone who may disrupt proceedings.

See location teaser trailer John Leckie Pavilion in Nedlands
See marketing trailer The Badly Dubbed Kung Fu Film Edition
Download a one page flyer IAOMAS 2014 Sept 13 A4 Flyer
Download programme schedule IAOMAS 2014 Sept 13 Program

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