Can Politics be Proper?

Can Politics be Proper?

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yi-yulgokThe Taekwondo 5th Gup Pattern Yul-gok is the pen name of prominent 16th century Korean Confucian scholar Yi I.

Wikipedia states that Yi I was “not only known as a scholar but also a politician and a reformer.” Yi had wide ranging experience with various offices over the years, and developed a deep trust with the King. He become a central figure in politics during a period of political conflicts which were rampant during the time.

Yi believed that “learning and self-cultivation” were the core of proper administration; that people could approach politics pragmatically and practically to ‘get the job done.’ He preferred this over inner spiritual perception.

When martial artists refer to ‘ego’ and ‘politics,’ most often they’re calling to mind a certain kind of individual. You know the one – that person who has no empathy, no social perspective. That person who believes the world revolves around them and their art. And the resulting friction, tension, attrition, and dissension, etc. is thusly described as ‘politics.’ Or they could be thinking about a situation where due to the lack of clear policies, a poor judgement call is made and certain parties are placed in a position of inequity. It also could be that ‘politics’ has become a catch all phrase to describe all manner of ills in our industry.

There are no lack of opportunities to eschew politics in the martial arts. In fact, there are a few notable martial arts websites and FaceBook pages that have taken the ability to complain to a rarefied level.

IAOMAS does not promote such complaining – there’s no lack of it. What IAOMAS wants to do is to give all of us the opportunity to do something good with our lot in life. You want transparency? You want to make a difference? You want your country to be represented? Well, if you are sincerely focused on Yi I’s idea of ‘self-cultivation’ and think you can extend such a simple idea to cover this organisation’s needs, IAOMAS is not afraid to let you do just that!

The link to go to: Interested in being a candidate for role of Coordinator in 2015.

Have a think … and come talk to us about it!


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