Bad Wolf Martial Arts

Bad Wolf Martial Arts
Rodney Coulman
Here at Bad Wolf Martial Arts we teach Eskrima, a Filipino style of Martial Arts encompassing everything from weapons training through to kickboxing, combatives and practical self defense.
Utilizing weaponry such as Sticks, Knives, Machetes, Handguns & Improvised Weapons, you will learn to use anything at your disposal for your self protection.

We offer practical and reality based self defense training where you will learn to defend yourself and others from potentially dangerous situations.

Our Chief Instructor has extensive training in several Martial Arts disciplines including but not limited to:

Gosnells, Western Australia
Western Australia
Filipino martial arts (unarmed), Filipino martial arts (impact), Filipino martial ars (edged), Filipino martial arts (flexible), Filipino martial arts (projectile), Karate (Japanese), MMA

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Bad Wolf Martial Arts

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