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Alexander de Araya
The Kenyukan Goju Ryu Karate-Kobudo academy was established in Sydney in 1973 and has since advocated the principles of the Traditional martial arts of Okinawa. We teach Goju Ryu karate, Okinawa kobudo, Aikijutsu, women’s self defence and anti-bullying skills to men, women and children.
International Martial arts Academy based in Sydney, Australia. Teaching Goju Ryu karate, Okinawa kobudo, Aikijutsu and Self defence/anti-bullying skills to men, women and children. Members of the Dai Nippon Butokukai, World Kobukan Federation, World Kobusai Sonkei Federation, and World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Australasia). Serving the Community in Sydney since 1973, under the guidance of Alexander de Araya, Soshi 8th dan.
Wakeley, NSW 2176
Aikijujutsu, Karate (Okinawan), Kobudo
Professional programs include Adult Self Defense (Hapkido), Family TaeKwonDo, Young Dragons(4-6 yr), Leadership Training, and
Professional programs include Adult Self Defense (Hapkido), Family TaeKwonDo, Young Dragons(4-6 yr), Leadership Training, and
Atco, NJ
Hapido, Taekwondo (ITF)
Dr Nigel Farrier
Shotokan Karate, Japanese Jujitsu and Matayoshi Kobudo
The Martial Arts Education Centre has been teaching a Shotokan based Karate in Mandurah since 1996. Since 2003 we have also been teaching a Japanese based Jujitsu and Matayoshi (Okinawan) Kobudo
Mandurah, Western Australia
Jujutsu, Karate (Japanese), Kobudo
Martial Arts University
Todd Harris
children & family martial arts
children & family martial arts focused on character development, personal empowerment and leadership through martial arts training.
Charlotte, NC
North Carolina
Hapido, Krav maga, Taekwondo (WTF), Taekwondo (others)
Sifu Jusitn Och
Realistic Ip Man Family Wing Chun Martial arts, for combat. All ages, international trained and certified Sifu in Lakeland Florida.
Training people to their peak ability, the more time a student dedicates the more they achieve here. I have traveled to England, Switzerland, Denmark, France and Germany and have achieved Sifu under two different masters from the Ip Man Family lineages of Ip Ching, Ip Chun, Moy Yat, and Simon Lau. I work with students on the Combat application of Wing Chun Kung Fu 6 days a week in Lakeland Florida. All ages, from kids afterschool programs to adult and teen martial art self defense.
Lakeland Florida
American kickboxing, Chinese martial arts (external styles), Close quarter combat, Combatives, Jujutsu, Karate (American), MMA, Sambo, Taekwondo (others), Wing chun
Dennis Molloy
Dennis Molloy established State of the Arts in 1981. Dennis has trained in many Martial Arts styles over the past 35 years and is a seventh degree Black Belt. He has won numerous regional and national titles and is a three-time World Champion.

Dennis has been inducted into multiple organizations’ Halls of Fame as a coach, instructor, and competitor. He is the promoter of the State of the Arts Karate Championships and is the coach of the Pitbulls National Karate Team. The Pitbulls are recognized as one of the top sport karate teams in New England.

About Our Facility

Our facility has 5,000 square feet separated into two areas: one for martial arts and related classes, and a second for massage therapy. We offer classes in self defense, sport karate training [which includes sparring, weapons training and kata (forms)], along with fitness kickboxing.

We also have a menu of massage therapy options. Our pro shop is stocked with all of the martial arts equipment you could need, including training aids, accessories, and a full line of clothing.

Warwick, RI
American kempo, American kickboxing
Warrior Martial Arts
Barry O’Mahony
Warrior Martial Arts – Tae Kwon Do in County Cork, Ireland
With classes for all ages and abilities running throughout the West and Mid Cork region of Ireland, we aim to provide our students with the highest quality of instruction in the disciplines of Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing & Self Defence. Warrior Martial Arts schools strive to promote fitness and well-being, as well as building the self defence skills and confidence required to maintain one’s own personal safety and sense of security.
County Cork
Taekwondo (others)

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