On this page is information on whether you qualify, rules for members, and how to join. For more information on why you should join, see Member Benefits.



Member (Individual)

To join IAOMAS as a Member (Individual), you need to be a current martial art practitioner and be willing to act as a social networker for local IAOMAS members. This is the membership to choose if you don’t have a school or training group. Inbound visiting members from other schools may not think of contacting individual practitioners – so you need to be a little more proactive in getting linked up with events in your locale.

Member (Organisation)

To join IAOMAS as a Member (Organisation), you will need:

  • to have a martial art or related business website,
  • an operational school or training group which trains at least once a week, and
  • be willing to host guest practitioners from out-of-state or international member schools at your sessions for up to two weeks.

If you meet these requirements, you will need to place an IAOMAS logo and link to the domain prominently on your website. You may use the IAOMAS logo featured at the bottom of this page.

If you have a small training group or school or martial arts related organisation, this is the membership for you. Organisational members will reap the most reward from IAOMAS, in time enjoying a raft of value added services, and having access to premium services at nominal rates. (Note: See FAQs for ‘What if I don’t have a website?‘)
Member Organisations Must Feature Our Logo

The button logo shown below incorporates the Yin Yang pattern cradling two worlds. In the centre, IAOMAS lettering is prominently displayed. The entire button is a clean and striking emblem. Member organisations must feature this logo prominently on their website, link it back to our website – and tell us where it is. It is not sufficient to place this on your ‘links’ page. To embed the image on your site, simply copy the HTML displayed below (next to the logo) to your website at the appropriate location the IAOMAS button should appear in. Once you have done so, then submit a listing into our directory.


<a href="" title="Find out the benefits of IAOMAS membership!">
<img src=""></a>




Membership Rules

  • Use the directory only as it is meant to be used – facilitating friendly networking between schools and practitioners.
  • Host Schools should treat visiting IAOMAS members with respect.
  • Always behave courteously with your dealings with other members – there should be no ‘I am better than you’ thoughts between friends.
  • If you have any particular rules, code of conduct, or requirements for guests visiting your school, you must communicate this information with them well before they arrive at your doorstep.

You may be disqualified from using the Directory, Forum, or Social Media channels if you:

  • Abuse the directory
  • Recruit our members away from IAOMAS to external organisations
  • Spam our internet channels with advertising or marketing messages
  • Annoy or harass or diminish other members
  • Post or disseminate hate mail in any form


How to Join

To join, you will need to ‘Register‘ at this website, then ‘Submit a Listing’ at the Directory page. Make sure to indicate if you are a Member (Organisation) or a Member (Individual), and give us enough background information on your style(s). This helps our system categorize you and for other members to locate you. Once the IAOMAS link on your website has been confirmed, your information will be listed under the category which you have indicated.

1. Register First

Click on the Register link on the lower right hand corner of this site.


This brings you to the registration page. Fill out all fields and click the “Register” button.



2. Go to the Directory Page

Once you have registered at the site, Log in and go to the Directory page.


3. Submit a Listing

The Directory page will now allow you to ‘Submit a Listing.’ Follow the prompts and enter your information. It’s that simple.


Now that is all done, you should make sure there is an IAOMAS logo on your site and go link with other IAOMAS host schools or members locally.

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