Play in Perth

Play in Perth

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Joong Do Kwan and Saseru Karate Do are organising a closed door ‘Play in Perth‘ training session as a pre-Sept-13-conference event.

Principal, Joong Do Kwan Coordinator, IAOMAS

Colin Wee
Principal, Joong Do Kwan
Coordinator, IAOMAS

It’s a closed door affair because the venue is none other than the JDK Garage – literally Colin’s 7m x 7m garage space.

The private garage is Joong Do Kwan’s regular training area, and while small, it was thought only appropriate that the Saseru Crew should experience Colin’s training environment ‘as is.’

The Play in Perth session will be led by Joong Do Kwan and will look at kicks as combative tactics. We hope to cover kicks and how they’re used as a tactical option, their power generation issues, problems encountered, and of course how to block them.

Play in Perth is the second official get together between the two schools. The first joint training exercise between JDK and Saseru was held down South, in Saseru country. Then we looked at traditional movement, stances, strikes, and blocking. This current session will be a sequential follow up from there.

Colin says, “joint training exercises like these are fun, and are a great way to summarise and present material – especially to my own students. That we are reaching out and enjoying such activity with other ‘like-minded practitioners is a bonus. In an industry where criticism is not always constructive, creating this environment where we can share in a light-hearted manner gives us all the opportunity to explore what each of us are doing in a candid and frank setting.”

Principal of Joong Do Kwan and IAOMAS Coordinator Colin Wee and Saseru Head Instructor Phil McCormack met at a conference early 2011, and both have continued their friendship and collaborations through various social and martial art related events. “IAOMAS was an easy sell to Phil,” says Colin, “he’s always known the value of a great network, what friendship can do amongst practitioners, and quality that can be gained by opening yourself to other ideas.”

How to win friends and influence people. JDK with Saseru early 2011

How to win friends and influence people. JDK with Saseru early 2011

Anyone interested in visiting Perth? Perth is the largest capitol city of Western Australia. Joong Do Kwan trains in a part of Perth caught between the Swan river and the Indian ocean – a rather lovely part of the world, and only 10 minutes away from Perth City. Perth is one to three hours away from wine country, and has access to fabulous farm fresh produce.


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