Why IAOMAS is Special

Why IAOMAS is Special

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IAOMAS invited Founding Member Tim Posynick 5th Dan from Enderby Karate, based in BC, Canada, to talk to us about his journey with this organisation. In the early years, Tim maintained the IAOMAS Canada pages (you can see that reflected in his signature) and was a stalwart on the forum. At present, Tim still works on IAOMAS – at a high level, covertly – but we’ll talk more on that later. The following was written to usher in the reboot of IAOMAS. 

Founding Member Tim Posynick

People helping and supporting each other … what a concept.

This was basically the premise that Mr. Stuart Anslow conceived for the initial start up of IAOMAS. It is a very simple concept. Martial artists no matter what style or discipline would openly share ideas philosophy, training tips, techniques, and plenty of stories with each other based on the principle that we are all of the same cloth. We may call ourselves by different names, TaeKwonDo, Karate-Do, Kempo, JuJitsu, Gung Fu, etc., but the essence of what we do is to better our minds and our bodies together culminating in an over-all better sense of character and well-being. We are all basically different threads from the same belt. The idea that we can all share friendship and train together without the issue of ego and attitude has always been around, it has been attempted before by many groups.

This group, the International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools however is the only one thus far that I have personally been involved with that is living up to its ideals. We truly are interested in your friendship and giving you ours. The bonus is that we can share the thoughts, laughter, tears, and joy that comes from training in the Martial Arts no matter what style.

In the beginning there was one. One main school with the concept and open heart to share friendship with others. Within the first year after bringing on board schools in Canada, the United States and Australia, the idea and friendships grew to well over 600 schools. At that time the guideline for joining the IAOMAS was very simple, open your hands to friendship and once in a while open your school to visiting students from other schools, styles, or countries if they happen to pop by to visit. Today the concept is very much the same, keep an open mind and an open heart to any and all people in Martial Arts, and be willing to participate and share in ideas and concepts without ego or attitude.

From the beginning, we’ve had a very fortunate run with people joining that are of this mindset and are very willing to share ideas and friendship. Now it is time to take this ball and run with it once again. I urge you to explore our ideals and chat with us about what we are looking forward to in the future, and inquire about how you can not only share in the fun but also contribute to our growth and success.

IAOMAS is an extension of my family. Everyone that I have talked to and met within this group have welcomed me and treated me with the greatest respect and friendship. This will forever be my go to group of friends to talk about and share my experiences and joys that are the Martial arts.

Become a part of this movement and help to give a positive Martial Arts life-experience to you, your students and anyone else interested in joining our way of life.

I look forward to meeting you and chatting with you.

Best Regards

Tim Posynick
Jung Shin Kempo Canada – Enderby Karate Dojo

A Little on Enderby

Enderby – nature’s playground

For those of you lucky enough to pay a visit to Shihan Posynick or vacation to Enderby, Enderby has a downtown ambience reminiscent of the good ol’ days. The Shuswap River, the jewel of Enderby’s crown of natural beauty, runs right through town, along which one can take a stroll on a quiet path, perhaps catching the sight of some wildlife. More on enderby.com.


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